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In this episode, I focus on the importance of positive self-talk and using empowering language in one's journey towards eating disorder recovery. As someone who has recovered from a 40-year battle with anorexia, orthorexia, and exercise addiction, I emphasise how the words we use to speak to ourselves can significantly... Read more
Published on: 2024-07-16
I started this episode by sharing a random story about needing to get a pedicure because my feet were looking rough from going barefoot often. However, I kept making excuses for weeks about why I couldn't go get the pedicure done. I realised this is exactly what we do with... Read more
Published on: 2024-07-09
In this inspiring episode of Fly to Freedom, Recovery coach Julia Trehane interviews her previous client Dana about her journey recovering from an eating disorder. Listeners can expect to learn about Dana's struggles, how she found the courage to begin recovery, keys to her progress, and the incredible transformation she... Read more
Published on: 2024-07-02
Today I welcomed John Purkiss to the podcast After our initial exchange, I asked John to share about his personal journey of letting go. He described how, in his mid-twenties after recovering from clinical depression, he wrote the bestselling book "The Power of Letting Go" in Hindi and Spanish. His... Read more
Published on: 2024-06-25
In this episode, Julia Trehane provides an in-depth exploration of extreme hunger, a common experience during recovery from restrictive eating disorders. She begins by defining extreme hunger (also known as hyperphagia) and outlining its key characteristics, including persistent cravings, a drive to eat large quantities, feeling out of control around... Read more
Published on: 2024-06-18
In this week's episode of Fly to Freedom, host Julia Trehane interviews renowned psychologist and human connection expert Dr. Jody Carrington. They discuss Dr. Carrington's background and what led her to focus her career on understanding human relationships and connection. The conversation centres around eating disorders - the underlying causes,... Read more
Published on: 2024-06-11
Victoria and Julia answered a variety of questions from listeners about eating disorder recovery. Some of the main topics covered included: - Recognising recovery highs and lows, and how the lows are part of the process towards freedom - Dealing with compulsive movement and hunger cues like obsessive thoughts about... Read more
Published on: 2024-06-05
On today's episode of my podcast Fly to Freedom, I had the pleasure of interviewing Michelle Zelli, a transformational coach who was my own coach after recovery, when I was exploring further healing. Michelle helped me immensely on my journey of healing and self-discovery after recovering from an eating disorder. ... Read more
Published on: 2024-05-28
This episode is a bit of a grab bag where I share helpful tips, tricks and perspectives that can make eating disorder recovery a bit more bearable. First, I recommend writing a letter to yourself detailing how awful the eating disorder makes you feel currently, so you can refer back... Read more
Published on: 2024-05-21
In this episode I welcomed guest Katie Bingner to discuss intuitive eating. Katie is a licensed psychotherapist, teacher, speaker and communication coach who has spent 16 years in the health and wellness industry.  We started with some fun icebreaker questions where Katie revealed her favourite dessert is Napoleons - a... Read more
Published on: 2024-05-14
I welcomed Benedict James Beaumont, a breathwork teacher and facilitator, to my podcast Fly to Freedom. Benedict founded the International Breathwork School Breathing Space and believes breathwork can "light up the world." We started the episode by taking some breaths together to become present.  Benedict explained that breathwork involves becoming... Read more
Published on: 2024-05-07
It was wonderful catching up with Victoria recently. We always cherish our time together, and it seems our listeners love it too. We dove into a discussion on weight loss medications, sharing our personal perspectives and emphasising the importance of addressing underlying issues rather than seeking quick fixes. Victoria and... Read more
Published on: 2024-04-30
In this episode of my podcast Fly to Freedom, I explore the feelings of isolation that I and many others with eating disorders have experienced. I discuss how isolation manifested for me - from avoiding social gatherings involving food to hiding my eating disorder from loved ones to feeling disconnected... Read more
Published on: 2024-04-23
I was very excited to have Sarah Hechko, a licensed homeopath, join me on the podcast today. I often see a homeopath myself and have found it very helpful in my own recovery from an eating disorder. Homeopathy takes a holistic view of both physical and mental health by selecting... Read more
Published on: 2024-04-16
Today I welcomed Sharon James, a women's circle leader and life coach, to my podcast Fly to Freedom. Sharon works with women who are feeling disconnected or stuck to help them learn to love themselves unconditionally. We had an enlightening conversation about empowering women, the importance of vulnerability, self-compassion, and... Read more
Published on: 2024-04-09

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