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Would you like to guest on my podcast? If you have a great story to tell, or valuable information to share, my guests would love to hear it.

I was very excited to have Sarah Hechko, a licensed homeopath, join me on the podcast today. I often see a homeopath myself and have found it very helpful in my own recovery from an eating disorder. Homeopathy takes a holistic view of both physical and mental health by selecting... Read more
Published on: 2024-04-16
Today I welcomed Sharon James, a women's circle leader and life coach, to my podcast Fly to Freedom. Sharon works with women who are feeling disconnected or stuck to help them learn to love themselves unconditionally. We had an enlightening conversation about empowering women, the importance of vulnerability, self-compassion, and... Read more
Published on: 2024-04-09
In this special episode, my friend Karla and I discussed the impacts of living with an eating disorder while being a parent. As someone who struggled with an eating disorder while raising my children, I shared how it affected every aspect of not only my life but my children's lives. ... Read more
Published on: 2024-04-02
          Today I'm celebrating the one year anniversary of my podcast, Flight of Freedom. I started this podcast after recovering from 40 years of various eating disorders - mainly anorexia but also periods of orthorexia and excessive exercise. When I recovered, my life changed profoundly. I... Read more
Published on: 2024-03-26
Oh my goodness, I had the BEST time recording this week’s podcast episode with my incredible friend Victoria! 🤗 We got to sit down together in real life to record it for the very first time. Nothing beats that heart-to-heart in-person connection. 🥰   We covered so many amazing topics... Read more
Published on: 2024-03-19
Today I interviewed Erika Malm, a therapist who specialises in treating trauma and eating disorders over 15 years. We discussed the complex factors that contribute to eating disorder development, the key role self-love plays in recovery, and the promising research into psychedelics for treating eating disorders.  Erika explained how psychedelics... Read more
Published on: 2024-03-12
I shared my personal journey of #goingallin to recover from an eating disorder. It was the hardest but most rewarding thing I've ever done. I made a full commitment to immediate engagement in recovery - meeting all my nutritional needs, stopping all exercise, and working with my coach  to address... Read more
Published on: 2024-03-05
In this week's episode of my podcast, I spoke with Alice Nichol, a fashion stylist who helps women feel more confident and comfortable in their clothes. I reached out to Alice because after recovering from an eating disorder, I struggled to dress my changing body. Alice taught me styling techniques... Read more
Published on: 2024-02-27
I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Krista Crotty, founder of Brain Based Therapy Northwest, about an exciting new eating disorder therapy called Temperament Based Treatment with Supports (TBTS).  Dr. Crotty has extensive experience working in eating disorder treatment and was motivated to transition to TBTS because of its focus... Read more
Published on: 2024-02-20
In today's episode, I, Julia, your recovery coach, am thrilled to share a heartwarming story of triumph and resilience. I'll take you through a remarkable day with my client Claire, a day that stands out as a significant milestone in her journey to overcome an eating disorder. We embarked on... Read more
Published on: 2024-02-13
Unpacking the Hidden Realities of Restrictive Eating Disorders As someone who survived her own restrictive anorexia for over four gruelling decades, I feel called to bring more nuanced awareness regarding these complex illnesses plaguing so many in silence behind closed doors. In a recent illuminating podcast episode, my dear friend... Read more
Published on: 2024-02-06
Guest: Livia Sara, autism advocate and eating disorder survivor Key topics discussed: - Livia's journey with undiagnosed autism and her decade-long battle with an eating disorder - Misconceptions about autism traits and personalities - High incidence of eating disorders amongst autistic individuals   - The role of external control, rules,... Read more
Published on: 2024-01-30
In this week's episode of my podcast, Fly to Freedom, I talk about the common issue of excessive exercise and compulsive movement in eating disorders. I share my own personal experience with exercise addiction, where I would work out for hours every day.   I discuss the reasons why I... Read more
Published on: 2024-01-24
Flurina shares her journey of struggling with an eating disorder for 17 years and how she found healing through movement, body awareness, and rediscovering the miracle within. She discusses using her body as a means of control, her passion for studying osteopathy, and realising her eating disorder was trying to... Read more
Published on: 2024-01-17
Today we're talking about getting out of autopilot mode and developing more consciousness. 🧠 Do you ever catch yourself just blindly following your thoughts without questioning them? That's living on autopilot! Here I share how we can step back, observe our thoughts, and get curious. 🤔 We discuss: - What... Read more
Published on: 2024-01-10

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