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I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Krista Crotty, founder of Brain Based Therapy Northwest, about an exciting new eating disorder therapy called Temperament Based Treatment with Supports (TBTS).  Dr. Crotty has extensive experience working in eating disorder treatment and was motivated to transition to TBTS because of its focus... Read more
Published on: 2024-02-20
In today's episode, I, Julia, your recovery coach, am thrilled to share a heartwarming story of triumph and resilience. I'll take you through a remarkable day with my client Claire, a day that stands out as a significant milestone in her journey to overcome an eating disorder. We embarked on... Read more
Published on: 2024-02-13
Unpacking the Hidden Realities of Restrictive Eating Disorders As someone who survived her own restrictive anorexia for over four gruelling decades, I feel called to bring more nuanced awareness regarding these complex illnesses plaguing so many in silence behind closed doors. In a recent illuminating podcast episode, my dear friend... Read more
Published on: 2024-02-06
Guest: Livia Sara, autism advocate and eating disorder survivor Key topics discussed: - Livia's journey with undiagnosed autism and her decade-long battle with an eating disorder - Misconceptions about autism traits and personalities - High incidence of eating disorders amongst autistic individuals   - The role of external control, rules,... Read more
Published on: 2024-01-30
In this week's episode of my podcast, Fly to Freedom, I talk about the common issue of excessive exercise and compulsive movement in eating disorders. I share my own personal experience with exercise addiction, where I would work out for hours every day.   I discuss the reasons why I... Read more
Published on: 2024-01-24
Flurina shares her journey of struggling with an eating disorder for 17 years and how she found healing through movement, body awareness, and rediscovering the miracle within. She discusses using her body as a means of control, her passion for studying osteopathy, and realising her eating disorder was trying to... Read more
Published on: 2024-01-17
Today we're talking about getting out of autopilot mode and developing more consciousness. 🧠 Do you ever catch yourself just blindly following your thoughts without questioning them? That's living on autopilot! Here I share how we can step back, observe our thoughts, and get curious. 🤔 We discuss: - What... Read more
Published on: 2024-01-10
In this collaboration episode, Join me, Julia Trehane an eating disorder recovery coach and Victoria Kleinsman another ed coach, openly discuss lesser known aspects of recovering from an eating disorder. From edema and exhaustion to digestive issues and body image struggles, we address the challenges head on and offer guidance... Read more
Published on: 2024-01-02
In this episode I chat about how we can feel after christmas and what we can do to help ourselves feel more grounded and compassionate. There is also a soothing meditation to bring you home to yourself. Read more
Published on: 2023-12-27
This episode is one that I recorded with Victoria and Karla originally for Victorias podcast but its just too good not to share on mine too. The three of us have an open and frank discussion about all the weird things we did when living in an eating disorder. Read more
Published on: 2023-12-20
 Sabrina is an intuitive eating and food freedom coach who helps people heal their relationship with food and their bodies. She shares her personal journey and struggles with disordered eating and provides practical strategies for making lasting behavior changes.  Key Topics Covered: - Sabrina's background and what led her to... Read more
Published on: 2023-12-13
- Orthorexia is an unhealthy obsession with “clean” eating, not a true commitment to health - Often stems from good intentions but becomes an anxiety-ridden rigid set of food rules - Causes social isolation, physical issues, mental distress - Key signs: inflexibility, distress when “rules” broken, avoidance of social situations... Read more
Published on: 2023-12-06
Katherine Cimorelli, singer from the popular band Cimorelli, opens up about her powerful journey recovering from an eating disorder. Though she grew up with a healthy relationship with food, things took a turn when she entered the music industry in Los Angeles at 18.   The immense pressure to look... Read more
Published on: 2023-11-29
- The holiday season can be challenging for people recovering from eating disorders.- With preparation and support, it's possible to navigate the festivities while maintaining recovery.Strategies for the Holidays1. Preparation and Planning for Holiday Meals- Discuss menu ahead of time.- Identify safe foods. - Plan for portion control.- Bring your own... Read more
Published on: 2023-11-22
Becoming Embodied : How Embodiment Can Support Eating Disorder Recovery  In this episode, I spoke with Rachel Wilkinson, a trauma-informed practitioner and trainer. We discussed how embodiment and reconnecting to your body can be a powerful tool in eating disorder recovery. Key Topics Covered: - Rachel's background in recovery from... Read more
Published on: 2023-11-15

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