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I really cannot put into words how amazing Julia has been to me during this week. Her unwavering support and encouragement has been such a welcome gift, like a light that's been missing in my life, and she has really helped me to make progress, even in such a short time. It was the first time in all my years at trying to recover from this miserable disorder that I've felt truly seen and heard and understood. Julia never judges you and never makes you feel unworthy or like you've done something wrong. Her daily check ins and messages make you realise you are not alone and that you are capable of recovery however hard. Julia is a rare and beautiful human being who I am forever grateful to have found.

Holly, 38Holly, 38UK

“Omg, where do I start?
Julia has got to be one of the most generous, authentic and determined people I have ever met. She shows up to serve you 100% everyday and I have never known anybody to love me so unconditionally through this illness. She gives the tough love that an eating disorder needs, and nothing that an ED throws at her makes her sway from her course of loving you and steering you in the right direction.
Julia is hands down the most amazing recovery coach anyone could ask for. She is here to change lives and her light can’t help to break through any kind of darkness.
I love you Julia ?”


Five Stars for Julia’s free coaching week. I just completed my week and Julia was so amazing.
After five plus years of restricting, over exercising and anorexia I knew I needed help and Julia was the miracle I needed.

Her history enabled her to fully understand my struggles. Julia helped me set new goals . Her coaching and guidance is just what I needed. 

If you are struggling and need comfort and guidance I HIGHLY recommend this coaching opportunity!  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



Julia has a kind, supportive and empathetic approach to coaching that gives you motivation and encouragement to make positive changes. Her patience and understanding not only helps you with food, but she gives practical tools to help you strengthen your sense of self and build the life you want.


Julia’s loving, genuinely caring approach to eating disorder recovery is like a breath of fresh air.
She is 100% there whenever you need it with practical support and advice that comes from a genuine place of experience.
Julia absolutely gets it like no other professional I have come across. Thank you for all your help Julia, you are amazing ?


Thank you so much for your endless time, care and support offered during the time we worked together.
The week tested me greatly and through challenging the ED, there were times when I felt on my knees. However, at these times, I reached out to Julia and she was there to guide me through the difficulty calmly and honestly with love, care and support-no matter what time of day ?
Our time together provided hugely valuable insight and knowledge as well as additional tools to assist on the recovery journey…..thank you so much Julia, I very grateful ?


Julia is a wonderful coach because of her experience with the Ed. She knows the ins and outs of recovery and has been helping me every step of the way. She doesn’t take any bullshit from the Ed and reminds me to not take any either. But most importantly she helps me see how strong I am and that I am worthy of love and compassion.❤️


I really appreciate the opportunity to try out coaching with Julia on a week's trial. I was not sure what to expect or if coaching would be for me but found it really helpful. Julia was very supportive and encouraging, offering feedback on every achievement however small and encouraging me to set greater challenges for myself. It was so good to have someone who had experienced similar struggles to talk to and get support from when things got tough and I found it a really motivational experience. I wish this service was something provided through the NHS so that everyone could benefit, whatever their financial position, as I feel coaches, with lived experience, knowledge and training are in the best place possible to support those like myself with disordered eating.


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Julia for my new lease on life!  Your encouragement, guidance and support over these past few months is just what I needed.  The fact that you previously struggled with an eating disorder, allowed you to fully understand my excuses, my mental struggles and the lies I was telling myself. You made me realize how much I wanted full recovery and all the benefits of letting my ED voice go!  I am in such a happy place now, loving myself and I know I will be around for many more years of happy living. My family has their mom, wife and sister back !   You truly are wonderful to work with, I'm so glad I found you.     THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Recover from an eating disorder with Julia Trehane
You’re in good company

I've been where you are now!

It makes a big difference! Having spent 40 years gripped by Anorexia, Othorexia and Exercise Compulsion; having been ruled by my ED voice over food, relationships and everything else; having hated my body, felt guilty and un-worthy of love and having been determined to be thinner than everyone else. I totally get you! 

I've recovered from all of that and I can help you to recover too!


Coaching is very different from therapy. As your coach, I'm here for you 24/7 to empower YOU to create the future you want for yourself. 

It all starts with a first step. Are you ready?


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