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About Me

Hi! I’m Julia!
I’d lived in anorexia and orthorexia for almost 40 years; never feeling good enough or worthy of recovery. 
When I did finally reach out for help, I discovered that the provision available in the standard medical routes was almost non existent without incredibly long waiting lists.
It was at this point that I looked for alternatives and found an incredible recovery coach  who loved me and supported me every step of the way until I found my own freedom and peace from my ED.
It has now become my passion and my purpose to help others to reach their own wonderful future freedom and learn to love themselves again.

What is working with me like? This is what a recent client says:
“Omg, where do I start?

Julia has got to be one of the most generous, authentic and determined people I have ever met. She shows up to serve you 100% everyday and I have never known anybody to love me so unconditionally through this illness. She gives the tough love that an eating disorder needs, and nothing that an ED throws at her makes her sway from her course of loving you and steering you in the right direction.
Julia is hands down the most amazing recovery coach anyone could ask for. She is here to change lives and her light can’t help to break through any kind of darkness.
I love you Julia 😘”

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Fear to freedom

Small, cold and frightened of life, I believed that neither worth or value were mine to have in this world. Numbed by restriction, hidden by darkness and so afraid to be seen.

A spark of something appeared from I don’t know where and the journey began.
With the crippling weight of fear on my back, blindly in the darkness I walked, stumbling and falling as I went until, out of the black, love appeared.

She joined me on my journey, walking patiently alongside, gently supporting each and every step I took. Love picked me up when I fell and held me safe when I stumbled.
She taught me to look fear straight in the eye and when I tried, some of fear transformed, shimmering into strength to join the journey.
We walked together, love, fear, strength and I. Love held my hand and strength led the way with fear following behind.

We came to a junction in the path, the left turn was smooth and straight, an easy walk towards the dark horizon. The path to the right looked far more challenging, with steep hills, sharp turns and littered with debris.
Fear insisted the smooth path was the one to take, whilst strength suggested the harder path would lead to the better place, a place where I could meet some more amazing friends.

Love said the choice was mine alone but she could accompany me if I walk the path with strength.
Putting my trust in love I followed strength down the rocky path and fear trailed behind muttering angrily.
We walked and climbed the challenging route together, strength seemingly growing in front of my eyes. Love still holding my hand began glowing and seeping part of herself into my very being, into my heart and although she was still there by my side the very essence of her filled me with a warmth and peace I had never before experienced.

The path continued and as we walked the sky grew lighter and the world became brighter. I could still see fear behind me but every time I looked at her strength reflected back to me, reminding me that facing fear gave me strength to walk the hard path.
We got to the top of a hill and in the glorious distance was another figure. Together with love and strength I ran towards them. As Freedom embraced me I felt complete and alive.

Love, strength and I joined freedom on her path of truly living, meeting others along the way and inviting them to join us, each becoming infused with love and life on their own journey to find freedom.

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