Developing Consciousness 

In this week’s episode of my podcast, I dive deep into the critical skill of developing consciousness and living more purposefully aware. I explain how prior to my own recovery, I spent 95% of my existence living on autopilot – lost in limiting thought patterns and stories from childhood conditioning that led to decades of disordered eating and unhappiness. 

What I’ve come to understand is that most of us are unconsciously sleepwalking through life this way, reacting out of old rules and assumptions that have nothing to do with our current situations or truth. We all have the ability to wake up!

Expanding Consciousness and Awareness

For me, consciousness means training myself through mindfulness to live more presently focused instead of being constantly swept up in those anxiety-provoking narratives from the past. It’s about consciously questioning whether all those looping thoughts or urges even serve me rather than automatically believing my mind’s melodrama!

I explain that as humans we have the superpower to step back and BECOME THE OBSERVER of our own thinking patterns rather than identifying so closely with them. This metacognitive awareness is key to change. We have to build (and celebrate!) this “witness consciousness” muscle through dedication to daily practice.

Consciousness Supports Healing 

I share from experience how becoming more conscious, aware and inquisitive has been integral to my recovery from highly obsessive thoughts, self-criticism and disordered eating behaviours I wanted freedom from. Presence helps interrupt the downward spiral.

Whether I set little alarms or use certain cues during the day, I make myself stop and tune into the present. I might close my eyes and focus on sounds, physical sensations, scents…this grounds me in WHAT’S ACTUALLY HAPPENING versus what my anxious mind tries to convince me is happening! In reality, I’m okay in this moment. I have everything I need inside already.

As part of building consciousness during my healing journey, I also question whether thoughts fuelling my urge to react are even based in TRUTH here and now. Often this reveals they are just expired rules ready to shed. I visualise handing them off to spirit while affirming my inherent wisdom. Over time this grew my self trust and ability to lean into intuitive guidance.

If you’d like support becoming more conscious in your recovery too, let’s connect!  You absolutely can break free of disorder and thrive beyond – I believe in you.


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